Thursday, 7 October 2010

#280 of 365 Swamp Thing Bayou Jack

And I'm fresh out of Swamp Things, but not the other figures in the line.  That's what I liked about early 90s line, the line wasn't all loaded with just one or two characters and variants of said character, but it was fleshed out with all sorts of characters.  Welcome to Monster October, and today, we have a look at Bayou Jack.

Jack is on the standard card, but when I say standard, I don't mean standard as cards come these days.  Back then, each card has a nice illustration of the figure on the front which nicely sets the packaging different from the other figures of the line.  That's mostly gone now.  And I say mostly because Hasbro is bringing them back on Transformers Animated and a few of their other select lines.  The cardback is more or less similar to Swamp Things from the previous two days.

The figure itself is the usual 5-points of articulation figure.  However, I have to say that this is one of the few dark skinned toys in existance, and that was a rarity 20 years ago, probably even rarer than female figures.  There's quite a bit of sculpting on the torso, sleeves on the arms and the pant legs.  The face sculpt surprising looks great and the paintwork, whatever little there is, is applied rather well.

Bayou Jack comes with a squeezy backpack and a long hose.  Water can be sucked up from the business end of the hose and sprayed from the same opening by pressing on the backpack.  The harness that attaches to the figure is also well designed.  The only drawback is that the figure tends to be top heavy with the backpack full of water, and will therefore topple over when this is so.

I have no idea why but I like Jack more than Swamp Thing.  Perhaps I'm a racist speciesist (har har), but I definitely prefer an actual human to a pile of puke-coloured body parts or a hollow tree thing.  And tomorrow I take a look at the villians of the line - figures that excite me more than the good guys in this line. 


  1. This guy's backpack was very well done and fit in with the line. I remember playing with this figure tons when I was little thanks to that feature...although I always pretended he was shooting acid.

  2. Well, I'm not surprised that you had a shooting acid phase.


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