Tuesday, 26 October 2010

#299 of 365 Muppets Uncle Deadly

It's Tuesday and I finish part 2 of 2 of my Muppets yesterday-today.  Yesterday I opened the scary antromophic prawn Pepe.  Today, it's something a bit more sinister.  It's Uncle Deadly, the phantom of the Muppets show, and a gitd ghost!  Welcome to Monster October here on Toy a Day!

Uncle Deadly comes on the standard Muppets clamshell, and since this version of the character is an exclusive, it has a special sticker.  There's also a normal version without the sticker and that does not gitd, and apparently a third version.  Obviously I have the gitd version...

Since the "card", which again, is just a sheet, isn't part of the outer packaging, it can easily be customised for the figure.  The Muppets logo here on Uncle Deadly may be the same, but the Muppets pictured with it are different from those of Pepe's.  The back of the sheet of paper has a rather nice design with a tombstone, again, another appropriate graphic, and all the figures from the line up to that point.  Yowsers!  That's a lot of figures.  Collect them ALL! indeed!

Uncle Deadly comes with his Shakespearean skull and a Palisades Muppets stand... and a ghost which has a two piece stand.  I think the Muppets is the first line where the accessories has accessories...  The ghost is not articulated, but this version gitd, so that's not too bad. The sculpting and paint is appropriate for the ghost, but the darker wash makes the ghost looks a bit dirty (no, not dirty like Lemonjuice, just not clean).

Uncle Deadly himself is well sculpted with details everywhere.  The paintwork is excellent - look at the pinstripes on his pants.  He even comes with a chain made of real metal - and since he preceded DCUC's Iron and MotUC's Scareglow - one of the first figures with the feature.  One minor detail is that his tail is not connected to the figure, but instead is connected to his jacket.  That's a bit weird.

Comparing Uncle Deadly to any other type of figure would be like comparing apples and oranges - he's so well sculpted and produced that he puts modern figures to shame.  The only modern toyline that even comes close to the details of Palisades Muppets today is... well, something I'm going to open tomorrow...


  1. I just met Amy Mebberson who draws the comic and had her draw a custom cover of Gonzo as Dracula. She said only two people the whole year ever asked her for Deadly, but I was thinking about it. My plan is to have a different Muppet as a monster drawn for me each time. Deadly can just have a Vincent Price robe! Love this figure BTW

  2. I didn't even know who Deadly was until I got the toy. I'm sure I'm not alone out there...

  3. Yeah I didn't really know much about him until a little while ago either. He was only around for a bit from what I understand but his first appearance was actually with Vincent Price.

  4. Wow, I've never seen this guy before. He's awesome! YAY for GITD! :D


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