Wednesday, 13 January 2010

#13 of 365 Batman Mission Masters 4 - Rocket Blast Mr. Freeze

Well, we are working through Batman Mission Masters 4 as part of gitd January, which in turn is part of my open one toy in 2010 thing (blame it on the 2009 online advent calendars!)

#13 is Rocket Blast Mr. Freeze. Again, the disclaimer here is that I know close to nothing about Batman, or the animated show, so I have no idea what the story is behind Freeze. His bio is on the back of the card, and a close up can be seen in my photo album here on Facebook.

There seems to be quite a lot of pieces for this figure - 2 guns, 2 backpacks and a spinning disk in addtion to the action figure, which btw, has a really nice glass dome head.

The blue thing that fits over the fishbowl on his head is rather tight, and it took quite a bit of time to put it on. Conversely though, I suppose it's not gonna be loosen anytime soon. The 2 hoses from the backpack is made of rigid plastic and thus the backpack tends to dislodge itself from the peg on Freeze's back. That's a pity.

The guns are nice, and can be held in his hand or the disk launcher. The disk launcher actually works, although it works better if it was not attached to Freeze (according to the instructions located on the inset at the bottom of the bubble).

There are lots of areas where this figure can be improved - even if the 5 points of articulation was disregarded. The hoses could have been made separate from the backpack, which would have the benefit of allowing the backpack to sit properly on his back. The double backpack is also way too big and makes the figure top heavy, a stand on the 2nd backpack might have been in order.

Still, I like this figure somehow, and I think he makes a good addition to the line.

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