Sunday, 10 January 2010

#10 of 365 Plasma Glow Nira

I gave a preview yesterday of the figure I'd be opening today, here's the picture again.

On display!

The 7 supernatural ghostlings are in the picture, of course, as well as part of the gitd Spiderman web (#2). The top left corner of the picture is Nira still on her card. Now this is an old figure, from round abouts the early 90s. At that time, indy comic book heroes showing up as toys were the rage, witness the rise of McFarlane toys. I have no idea who Nira is, but I picked her up on ebay a few years back because she was cheap! And she gitd!

The card art looks great, thanks to her originally being a comic character. The back of the card is busy, and had promotions for a ton of other characters:

Back of card

I have to say, the front of the card looks even better without the bubble:

Bubble removed

The character itself is boring. There's only 5 points of articulation, shoulders, hips and head, and the head ball joint is restricted by her hair. She also has a fixed pose, so that's a bit blegh. I thought she'd have a hard time standing up because of her platform high heels, but she stands suprisingly well.



More pictures can be viewed in the photo album.

Her boobs are a bit OTT and is probably not anatomically correct. Well, she's a comic character after all. If there are any feminists out there, I don't make these toys, I just buy them and display them. Her draw point for me isn't the boobs, but the gitd. One thing I like is that her only accessory, her guy, can be held with either hand, or attached to her hip.

And here she is on display with the other figures. She's a whole head taller than Ghostbuster's Ray, and Batman's pointy ears are at the same level as her pointy bits. Don't ask me if that's why the Donacula is grinning.


And if you're looking for tomorrow's figure in that photo, well, don't bother. Tomorrow I'd be opening a Lego set, which surprise, surprise will have a glow in the dark piece as well. I guess I might as well make January the gitd theme month for all the new toys I open (if I have that many). As noted on my status, I have 3 NECA figures, 2 Mattel ones and 4 DC figures, all of which glow in the dark. Hmm... I wonder if I would be able to get DCUC deadman and sentinel by this month... can anyone help?

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