Sunday, 31 January 2010

#29 of 365 Princess of Power Glimmer

Urgh, I hate time contraints. I'm 3 toys behind and I do have some more gitd stuff for January, but I'm running out of time for them. I would probably need about 3 hours to properly do the stuff I have for January, but alas, time waits for no man. So I decided to do Glimmer before time runs out for gitd January and I'm into Femme February. Well, she makes a nice transition from gitd January to Femme Febuary!

Yes, I'm opening a carded Glimmer. I think there'll be a number of people out there who will probably cry at what I did since well, a carded Glimmer is worth a lot more in monetary terms than an opened one. But a carded Glimmer is worth a lot less than an opened one to me.

I like the front of the card a lot. That She-Ra artwork sure beats the usual MotU flying rocks or the new green and gold (Australia colours) MotUC card.

The bubble is a bit yellowed, and because of that the gitd never showed through it. The placement of the staff and the headgear behind the tray inside the card probably didn't help it as well. I'm actually glad that I opened this!

Two of those pieces are the gitd bits. Glimmer comes with a staff, a headband and a comb. The staff was a bit too thick for the hole in Glimmer's hand and seems a bit warped, but I think that's intentional. The headgear has the annoying habit of flying off Glimmer's head. Hrrrmph!

This looks nothing like the Filmation Glimmer. Actually I hope the MotUC version will be closer to this than the cartoon version. Look at the shiny disco-esque 80s-era shoulder pads! That nice lace skirt is also a nice touch!

She's not going with the rest of gitd January. Oh no! She's with the heroic warriors defending Twin Castle Grayskull! And that's it for gitd January. Join me tomorrow (maybe) for the start of Femme February! I already have an exotic dancer lined up for the show!

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