Sunday, 25 December 2011

10 things for 2011 - a review at the end of 2011

Last year, I made a list of the 10 things I'd like to see for MotUC in 2011.  Let's go back and review to see whether Mattel has met my predictions.

But before I start with that, let's go back to see if Mattel has met my wishlist for 2011.

X Last year the first thing I had on my list was more fantastic PoP females.  Well, Mattel gave us Catra and Battleground Evil-Lyn among other females... but they weren't that amazing.  Don't get me wrong, they were good and on par with the other figures, but not really awe-inspiring nor above and beyond awesome.  So a big red X on this item then.

O Last year I wanted Snakemen and Galactic Guardian stickers on the bubble.  We got those with King Hsss and Icarius respective so that's one for me!

O I was worried last year that I might not get enough Palace guards.  Well, Mattel not only made enough of them, but apparently overproduced them, resulting in us having Palace guards on sale on Black Monday.  Yay!

O 100% new figures?  Let's see, we got King Hsss which is more 150% than 100% thanks to his second torso, but there were QA issues with his shoulders... and with Roboto's as well.  We also got Bubble Power She-Ra with the new female body, so that's two points in Mattel's favour.

O Faceless One was announced to be the June figure - he was pushed back a month, but he was still made this year, so I guess I'll have to give this one to Mattel.

O I wrote in December last year "I'm hoping for a Wind Raider" and we got a Wind Raider.  Yay, I called it!

O Last year I also wrote "Could we please have a Stinkor that really does smell of patchouli, or a Mantenna with pop-up eyes or a Man-E-Faces with a spinning head?"  Well, we didn't get Stinkor or Mantenna, but we got Man-E-Faces... with not just one spinning head, but two of them.  Wow.  Nailed it again.

O Camoflaged millennium parts on vintage figures?  There was that missed opportunity with King Hsss, but Clawful did incorporate the crabshell on his back.  I guess that's still one in the year though.

X Nope, we didn't get any new stands this year, which is a pity.

O No 5-minute sell outs?  Well, Bow was the only figure that sold out after an hour.  Most toys were available for over a day with Snout Spout almost hitting that mark.  I'd say Mattel did well here.

So, 8 out of 10 isn't too bad, and I'm sure glad I called Wind Raider and Man-E-Faces rotating head.  I'm gonna do a list for 2012 to see if I can predict what Mattel would be doing for the year.  It shouldn't be too difficult since unlike this time last year when only 4 figures were announced, this year we've had 9 figures announced + a three pack and a stand for next year, so I'll have to get creative...

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