Thursday, 8 December 2011

#707 of Year 2 Lego 3365 City Space Moon Buggy

It's always been a Lego oddity that Space does not include Space Shuttles, which are part of the Town and now the City theme.  Perhaps that's because Space Shuttles and the City brand sell a lot better than the lesser marketed Space theme?  Who knows...

The Moon Buggy is one of the smaller sets in this year's (2011) Space subtheme, yet it still incorporates the usual City design elements into the box.  It feels a bit like an Impulse set with no pictures on the back, but it's slightly larger than the Impulse boxes.

I was surprised that the box contained two baggies in addition to the instruction booklet.  The instruction booklet also contains intersting space trivia.

The Astronaut is a little too plain for my tastes, but it works well.  The build was way too easy, and th resulting vehicle seems a bit incomplete.  The construction of the saw on the back of the vehicle is interesting, but I have no idea why a moon buggy would require a saw - a shovel or a Canada arm would have been more appropriate.

Lego did include the pieces for the pilot to drive the vehicle in a terrestrial atmosphere or in an oxygen-poor atmosphere, but other than that, it has close to nothing going for it.

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