Friday, 9 December 2011

#708 of Year 2 Lego 7638 City Tow Truck

It's double the Lego madness today... and the rest of this month really, but instead of just those big sets and those really tiny sets, let's go for something a bit more midrange - a tow truck.

The usual City box, nothing much to see there except the nice picture on the front.  The back looks a bit boring, but it does convey the message of the action features and such.

The box contains the instructions, a decal sheet, the chassis and two baggies... out of which the lone minifig can be assembled.

The build wasn't too difficult, and the model is nice overall, but a bit underwhelming for me.  Sure, it has a ton of accessories including a winch and all sorts of handtools... and oh, the doors can be opened, so that's a good sign.  Still, it seems to lack just that little bit of something...


  1. Hey there NN, just curious what set isthat red car being towed? Hehehe

  2. This one:


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