Thursday, 15 December 2011

#714 of Year 2 Lego 5771 Creator Hillside House

Let's go into some history then.  Lego started a 'Basic' theme way back in the late 70s... that has been renamed again and again over the years (and I don't really remember all the iterations), but it was Designer in the 90s and Creator in the noughties.  Basically these were the 'build anything' sets.  However, as today's Creator set shows, Lego has gone a long way from those 'Basic' days!

Creator sets used to be just the models without the minifigs.  Well, this one is different then.  The front shows the new doorbell pices - something I didn't even realised was inside until I started building the set.  I was, of course, sold that this was such a gorgeous looking house.  The back of the box shows the other 2 models that is also possible with the pieces in the box.

There are 11 baggies inside the box, none of which are numbered, three instruciton booklets, one for each of the models and five square small baseplates.

There's just this one sold blue and red minifig, but the plus side is that it comes with a rather nice looking open-roof blue car.

The build wasn't too difficult, but it's great that there's some interior details including the stairs and the fireplace.  The exterior, of course looks a whole lot better.

Lounge chair and table, barbecue with wieners!  These mini models look great and wouldn't be out of place in an Impulse set.

The solar panels on the roof is a nice touch, and I like the randomly placed alternating grey path.

The house fits into my city perfectly and it does build up the residential portion of my city.  Lego needs to release more of these in the City theme than just Fire/Police/Planes/Construction sets in that theme.

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