Saturday, 17 December 2011

#716 of Year 2 Lego 6754 Creator Family Home

Lego churns out houses in their Creator theme once every couple of years.  I guess it's a good thing because that's how I'm getting houses to populate my City.  Should these be part of the City theme?  Who knows?  Perhaps Lego could merge the Creator houses with the City theme?

This is a huge box, but the images on it are rather simple.  I like the black and white image on the front with the dimensions of the set, but other than that, it's a rather boring box.  I'm sold though, on the fact that this is a house!

The box contains 13 baggies - that's a lot!

There's also the baseplate and four instructions books.  Wait 4?  There are usually only 3 models.  Well, apparently the main model is so complicated that it takes two books to build.

I expected the build to be a bit tedious, but it was rather pleasant to build.  There's the fireplace and stairs inside the house (waidaminute, deja vu!) but nothing else.

The roof is odd in that it's actually made of two halves, but it's unfurnished.

The house fits nicely on my Lego town layout.  I like the little details on the set, like the flowers on the windowsill...

...the fountain (which I've heaped with trans blue round plates) and the duckpond.  Sure the set could have been better with more furniture, a minifigure, perhaps even a vehicle, but nevertheless, here's another house that's great for the Lego City.

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