Friday, 23 December 2011

#722 of Year 2 Lego 7049 Alien Conquest Alien Striker

I'm going to close out the year with the Alien Conquest sets.  Today, it's the small Alien Striker set.  The entire Space subtheme was released this year.  This is the direction that Space has taken - more Star Wars, less Vehicles in space sort of thing.  It breaks my heart somewhat.

The box is green and has a nice picture of the set on the front, complete with additional flourishes including showing a double-barrelled pistol firing shots.  Sadly, that's just a misrepresentation as the pistol doesn't fire anything.  The back of the box is just a mass of text.  That's just lazy on Lego's part.

The box contains just one baggie and an instruction booklet.  Wait, this reminds me of an impulse set... yet it's being sold in a bigger box with a higher price point?

There are two figures in the box.  The humanoid seems dressed to the nines, but that's just the print on the minifig buck.  The Alien looks like an outcast from Bucky O'Hare, and I have to say I like the clashing reptile green, maroon and black.  The vehicle took a minute to build, and it's boring mostly.  It just seems a mismash of parts.  This isn't a very good set, but it is a quick way to obtain two figures to army build...

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