Saturday, 31 December 2011

#730 of Year 2 Lego 7066 Alien Conquest Earth Defense HQ

It's the last day of the year.  This is the year that I celebrated the 30th anniversary of my Lego collecting 'habit'.  Next year is another big anniversary for me though - it'll be the 30th anniversary of my Lego Space collection - I'm a huge Space and Castle collector.  And that's why I'm ending this year with a spacey theme and the largest from the Alien Conquest subtheme.

The box is huge and despite that, they have filled it up nicely with the graphics in the front and the back.  There aren't any alternate models shown on the back, but it does show all the various features in the set.

There are seven baggies in the box, two instruction booklets and two decal sheets.

It's interesting that they printed two sheets instead of one.  It's not Aliens vs Defenders either as the grey sheet has both the ADU logo and the saucer segments.  Perhaps it's an ink thing.

Baggie number 1 is the fun bag.  It builds two aliens and three humans.

It also builds a little buggy with a trailer and a small saucer with a nice clear bubble dome.

I was tickled by the Alien peg-legged pirage.  There's a tentacle instead of an arm on his torso and the pirates peg-leg painted in metallic silver on the leg piece.  The tentacled arm has quite a lot of details.  Baggie number 1 also builds the defender's capture pod, which can be placed on the trailer when the stretcher is removed.

Baggie number 2 builds the nice jet.  The design is nice and I do like the use of the halberds as wing-tips.

Baggie number 3 builds the undercarriage for the cab.

Baggie number 4 completes the cab.  There's a command chair inside at the back...

... and the cockpit opens up to reveal the two seats in the front.

Baggie number 5 builds the undercarriage of the trailer.

Baggie number 6 completes most of the trailer except the roof.  There's a nice medbay inside including a huge medical machine contraption.  The side flaps fold down to deploy radar dishes while the rear flap lowers to admit the buggie built from Baggie number 1.

Baggie number 7 builds two things.

The first part of the build is the aircraft launcher on the roof of the trailer.  There's a nice lever that raises and lowers the launcher.

The second part of the build is for the missile launchers on the top of the cab.  The build contains two 'boxes' that when pushed against the missiles held in place by friction, shoots them out.  It's a facinating feature.

The overall vehicle is long, and can be made longer when the trailer is pulled out from the cab.  The overall look is nice and the blues with yellow highlights brings back to mind the colour theme of the Lego Space in the mid-80s.

There is quite a lot of fun to be had with this set alone.  Surprisingly eventhough the individual bits could all be separate, I don't feel that here they should be as the set works very well together.

Both the defender vehicle and the alien saucer fits in well with the rest of their compatriots, but as the two picture above shows, this is really two subthemes merged together into one.  I do wish we have gotten more defender vehicles and a few more alien vehicles to complete the subthemes, but this on its own isn't too bad.  However, Lego has announced that the entire subtheme will be discontinued by June 2012.  Well, all's well that ends well?  Have a happy new year tomorrow!

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