Saturday, 26 February 2011

#421 of Year 2 Lord of the Rings Boromir

Yesterday we had a representative of the Ents.  Today, it's a man from Gondor by the name of Boromir.  OK, I'm not a huge LotR fanatic as well, so I barely know these guys, but hey, they are famous, so I should just talk about the toys...

The card is similar to that of Treebeard from yesterday, but modified of course for Boromir.  He comes on the FotR card; I have no idea why he comes on the FotR card - did he even show up in that movie?  He probably did, but I don't really remember. I like the narrow compact bubble, although Boromir doesn't fill up the bubble as much as Treebeard did.

Somehow I think the bio is a bit short - I mean come on, there were three thick novels based around some of these characters and all he gets is four lines?  The title erm... sticker on the front is nicely done with a picture of Boromir in a ring next to a scroll.  I like the look of that.

Boromir comes with four accessories, including his famous horn, a dagger, a rapier and a shield.  The horn is barely sculpted and the paintwork on it could be better.  The rapier and the dagger have better detail and paint.  The shield is floppy and a bit distorted, but it works for him.  There's a weird strap on the back of it which I presume is for slinging the shield around his back?  The handle on the shield is also a bit weird in that it really doesn't fit into Boromir's hand.

The figure isn't too bad, but the leg sculpt makes him a bit bow leg.  Perhaps that's to enable him to ride a horse?  I have no idea.  The cloak and robe thing is made of really soft plastic, so they do not hinder the articulation.  What does hinder the articulation is his action feature, which is supposed to move his arms when a button on his back is pressed.  Mine must be broken or something because it doesn't work.  Still he does look well sculpted for a figure and probably with better articulation (think modern articulation), he could have been a great figure.


  1. Yeah, he got killed in Fellowship, so that's why he's carded for that movie.

  2. Oh, I've him confused with someone else. That's embarassing.

  3. There is actually a much better Boromoir figure that came out in the line later than this figure. It was called Super-poseable Boromir. This one was originally released when Fellowship of the Rings his theaters in 2001 as part of a 2 pack. Boromir was packaged with Lurtz, the Uruk-Hai who killed Boromir in the film.

    *Fun Fact*
    Although Boromoir died in the film version of "The Fellowship of the Ring" he was actually killed in the book "The Two Towers."

  4. That's what I thought, he was a Two Towers figure because he did "nary" anything in FotR.


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