Tuesday, 15 February 2011

#410 of Year 2 DICE Spike

As I've always said, good things come in twos.  Together with Macc yesterday, I got spike, only because it's always funny to get a Japanese cowboy person.  The cowboy persona has always been present in Japanese animations for some weird reason.  I think the Japanese might have a fondness for guys in ten-gallon hats.

Spike comes on the same long card as Macc yesterday, and it's pretty much the same card; the only difference are the contents and the title card.  Spike doesn't look as spectacular as Macc when carded because he's blue and is carded on a blue background, but the vacmetal chest still does draw some attention.

I briefly mentioned Macc's trading card yesterday, but I'll show Spike's here in full.  The front of the card has a picture of Spike in both his "civillian" and armoured modes as well as a short bio.  Yes, that card is in English.  The back of the card has a picture of his dinosaurs and some stats for the dinosaurs.  It's a rather nice trading card.

Spike comes with the same gold coin stand as Macc, as well as a hammer and a cowboy hat.  The figure, like Macc has quite a bit of die cast metal, as well as metallic paint on his chest.  The paintwork is applied flawlessly.  The articulation is awesome for such a small figure, but then again, that's the norm these days.  The sculpt seems a bit odd and there isn't too much detail though.  The hammer is actually an arm attachment and it does seem a bit plain.  They could have made it more interesting by applying the same shade of metallic blue on the light blue areas instead.

Still, Spike isn't too bad.  He stands out more than Macc thanks to the bright blue metallic chest.  He has the same flaws as Macc - being top-heavy and all, and his hat doesn't stay on his head too well when he's tilted sideways.  Surprisingly, the hammer doesn't seem to overbalance him too much.  I guess I have to say I regret not picking up all four of these guys (or were there 5?).  Oh well.


  1. Yeah the orange guy would look better if it was metallic too.

  2. I think only the blue guy was metallic. There was also a green and a yellow, but I don't recall a red.

  3. At least they each get a different accessory, that's interesting

  4. They've all got customised sculpts as well... well, mostly.


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