Saturday, 5 November 2011

#674 of Year 2 Acroyear Exo Acrostera

Toy hunting in a foreign country is always fun.  Especially when that country happens to be Japan, the home of some of the most exciting toys since... well, forever.  While I was there a couple of years ago I picked up this pair of figures, one of which was Acrostera.  No, I don't read Japanese, but it's written there on the fron of her bubble in Latin letters, or romanji as the Japanese call it.

The card is squarish and the bubble takes up most of the real estate on the front.  That's good because it encloses quite a lot of pieces inside.  I like the aesthetics of the front of the card, and the pack out seems orderly inside the bubble.  I also like how the title card only takes up space in the lower quarter of the bubble.  The back feels very Japanese, with images in boxes explained with text.  What's missing are the other figures of the line, but that's not a Japanese "thing"...

... because there is usually a whole leaflet or even a catalogue within the packaging showing all the other figures in the line.  And look there's also that other Japanese thing - extra hands, in this case a dozen of them!

There's a whole bunch of stuff inside besides the spare hands.  There's a stand and two sabres, but most of the accessory is the creature/armour.

The basic figure stands about 4-inches tall, but it has more articulation points than I can shake a stick at.  I was worried that it might not stand properly, but my fears were baseless as the joints were tight.  The numbers of poses are amazing - the instructions even show some of the poses possible.  The paintwork is good, but the design of the base figure seems a bit boring.  Then again, they are probably taking this off some cartoon or manga or something, so there's not much they could do.

The instructions are also a tad complicated, but everything is numbered so it isn't to difficult to convert the creature into her armour and transform her into her various modes.

My favourite is probably the winged warrior.  The translucent plastic from the creature and the vac metal bits really give her a very good look.  In addition, the "tail" at the back helps keep her upright.  This is a nice little figure at the end of the day.

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