Thursday, 17 November 2011

#685 and #686 of Year 2 Mega Bloks Smurfs Lazy and Harmony

It was Hello Kitty two days ago, and today I open another couple of Mega Bloks sets, this time from their Smurfs theme.

Mega Bloks seems to get all the interesting themes.  Smurfs Lego would have been great, but this is just as good as they are compatible!

Lazy comes on a rather interesting box.  Sure the front shows the set, but they've got it placed on a rather nice animated background.  The back of the box shows the other sets in the line and there are some big mushroom houses there.

The instruction sheet doesn't even look like an instruction sheet.  The instructions have custom drawings of Lazy next to the illustration.  The reverse has the parts count, as well as a colouring area and the names for Smurfs in about a score of languages.

There is only one bag of bricks in the box besides the instructions.  The big bag does contain two smaller bags which seal in Lazy and the mushrooms respectively.  The build wasn't too difficult - this is a small set after all and there isn't much going on.  Well, this is aptly named Lazy.

The minifigure may seem to have only five points of articulation - heck, hips and shoulders, but he has three additional hidden points of articulation at the waist and wrists!  This is a great representation of a Smurf.

Harmony also comes in a rather attractive box, and has a picture of the contents on a very Smurfy background.  The sides and back are the same as Lazy - what I do like is that all the names for Smurf is printed on the side of the box as well.

The instruction sheet agains looks great.  There are a whole bunch of customised graphics on the instructions and a different colouring picture on the back.  My only complain is that it's too wordy on the back.

The contents are well protected, but the instruction sheet is a bit deformed somewhat.  The bag of bricks contains a smaller baggie containing Harmony and the same small baggie with the mushrooms as Lazy.

The build was easy and the set... seems to be a collection of parts.  Nevertheless when placed next to Lazy, it does look all sorts of awesome!


  1. These look like fun - I've seen the larger Smurf sets but not these smaller sets at stores. May have to look again!

  2. I've seen the whole range, but they are expsensive. That's why I've only gotten the smaller sets. I wish there were more small sets though!


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