Tuesday, 15 November 2011

#683 and #684 of Year 2 Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Sailor and Birthday

Hello?  Is it me you're looking for?  Probably not.  Hello Kitty is one of those fads that won't die... and Sanrio has got Mega Bloks to actually make Hello Kitty sets.  Whoa!

I got two of the smaller sets just because they have Lego compatible bricks.  I can't afford another expensive toyline though...

The Daniel figure, or Sailor as is printed on the title card comes in a squarish bubble on a small greeting card sized card.  The back is full of text, but it also shows the three other sets in the series.

There's also a folded leaflet inside which shows more of the other sets and a comic strip... but there are no instructions as to how the whole thing should be put together.  It's just as well that it's easy to put this together!

Daniel comes with a base, a background diorama, some roof pieces and a sailboat.

Hello Kitty, or Birthday as is printed on her title card, comes in the same style of packaging as Daniel.  The bubble does show off most of the contents, which isn't much.

She comes with most of the same thing as Daniel, but has a balloon instead of a sailboat.  The balloon though isn't an oval, but someone in their infinite wisdom decided to chop it into half, so it's just a hemi-ovoid shape with a handle.

I think the figures are nice - a good plus is that they can be compatible with any Lego brick as well, Mega Bloks is a Lego-clone.  They are almost the same height as a minifig too.  Perhaps one of these days I shall have to get my Lego Toy Story together with these Mega Bloks Hello Kitties...

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