Saturday, 29 October 2011

#667 of Year 2 Bone Age Hammer Hook

I know it's Saturday, but it's the final day of Bone Age week as this is my last unopened Bone Age toy.

The box is a bit bland.  However the front of the box isn't too busy.  The image of the toy isn't too bad, but the good thing is that it's not obstructed by an inset.  The back fo the box has a bio, and shows off the action features of the toy.

This is a two-piece toy, and the two pieces are connected by a strong.  The leaflet shows the complicated mechanism that is required to fire the projectile.  It does include a hole so that it could be attached to the other vehicles as shown on the back of the box, but other than that it's pretty much it's own toy.

The sculpt is good, and the wood grain actually does look organic.  The wheels do rotate so that it can be rolled along the ground.  To fire the skull projectile, the brown lever in the middle is pressed down, which swings the club to press on the tan lever near the wheel.  This fires the projectile.  The prime the whole thing, the club has to be reset before the missile can be reinserted into the launcher.

I thought this would look a bit out of character for the line, but it's actually not too bad.  Overall the whole line looks good, and is a draw for Dinosaur action figure lovers out there.  But it's not a line for me sadly.  Back to the box they go!

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