Sunday, 9 October 2011

#647 of Year 2 MotUC Hurricane Hordak

It's the final day of MotUC week of Spooktober 2011 here on Toy a Day, and although this isn't very scary (lets face it, we've had lots of time to get used ot a pig snout on a bat faced character), I still think Hordak is the Dracula of the MotU-verse (with Grizzlor being the "wolfman" hairy monster, Leech the monster from the deep and Mantenna the creepy crawly.  There's also the mummy in the concept sketech and I'm sure a Frankenstein monster can be found somewhere).

He comes in the standard white mailer box, and the standard MotUC card.  Surprisingly, they got his name to fit in a single line in both instances.

Hordak comes with his usual accessory... and a vac metal chest and abs.  It's shiny!

The kinetic sheild is a straight update of the vintage version, but has some small spots of paint.  This was probably my favourite arm attachment as a kid, and I'm a bit sad that I can't get it to turn like a fan remotely somehow...

The thunderbolt mace is also a straight update of the vintage, but has three spots of paint on it.  That probably cost Mattel quite a bit to get that level of paint detail in.

The propeller is probably the most updated version of the three.  It has a spot of paint, more exaggerated veins and is a lot larger than the vintage version.  All three accessories plug easily into Hordak's "cannon" hand and spins rather easily thanks to the design.

This Hordak is just a repaint of the first MotUC Hordak to match the vintage character, but of course, his right arm has been replaced with the canon arm.  I like the silver highlights on the other Hordak better though.

Evil leader of the Evil Horde with Hurricane powers?  Well, OK.  I liked the vintage character better than the original Hordak, but this time around in Classics, I think I prefer the other version to Hurricane.  Still, it's nice to get a vac metal character, and this is a good addition to the evil Horde.  I think I might even do what I did when I was a kid... made the different versions of Hordaks brothers!

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