Sunday, 2 October 2011

#639 and 640 of Year 2 MotUC Man-E-Faces

It's Spooktober here on Toy a Day, and I start off with something that's not so spooky.  OK, this is MotUC week of Spooktober, and I've got a whole pile of MotUC to open after Speed September.

I start off with not one, but two Man-E-Faces.  I'm glad I got a second MEF though, because as it turns out, his accessory is a second head.  He's packed in the usual MotUC packaging and that should be very boring by now.  I wish they would make some tweaks to the back of the card though.


MEF comes with his signature gun and an extra head.  Not a lot of things there really.

His original head allows him to be robot... monster...

...or human.  His extra head gives him the flexibility to be He-Man (or Adam?)...

... Orko... or Skeletor.

He has an open left hand, which actually allows him as Orko to hold the book that comes with Orko.

Otherwise, he's "just like you remembered him" from the 80s as one could change his face by turning the knob on the top of his head.  However, unlike the 80s figure, he's not coloured as ghastly jaundiced, but has a nice medium-dark fleshtone instead.

He shares his lower body parts with Roboto, but it's not immediately obvious until he's placed next to Roboto.

He's obviously based on his vintage counterpart in design, but "corrected" for the MotUC line.  He does resemble the millennium version quite a bit, but honestly, there's not much difference in all three versions of the figure look-wise.  I know he was one of the figures people were most looking foward to.  With him released, hopefully we'll get to (from the old MotU line) Stinkor soon, and then after that Dragstor and Extender!


  1. Nice review! I actually enjoyed MEF a lot more than I thought I would. He has a cool gimmick that hasn't gone stale, even after nearly 30 years.

  2. It's more pictorial than anything else, but with MEF, I thought it should be a bit pictorial...


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