Friday, 7 October 2011

#645 of Year 2 MotUC Pantano

I actually got three Beastmans (Beastmen?) a while ago.  One was for Felinor and another one was for this guy, Pantano.  Welcome to Spooktober 2011 here on Toy a Day, and it's MotUC week this week.

OK, so placing the spare set of Merman armour (thanks Weapons Pak #2!) painted green on Beastman doesn't really make him Pantano.  Oh no, not yet anyways...

Not until the Beastman has been painted brown does he become Pantano!  And there he is with his pals, Felinor and Destructor.  All I've got left to do is Carnivor and I'll be complete with the bad guys from Fuerza-T.


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