Tuesday, 25 October 2011

#663 of Year 2 Bone Age Tund the Thunderous

It's Day 2 of Bone Age week and it's an Ice Clan figure today... and I think he's the leader of the Ice Clan since his image is the one that's illustrated on the front of the card.

The card layout is the same as Kos from yesterday.  The only exception is the huge Ice Clan text (which is even bigger than his name for some odd reason) and his image on the card.  The back of the card is exactly the same as Kos.

Tund comes with a wooden staff, a club, a weird bone thing and a (baby) stegosauraus.  He looks like a repainted Kos though, but his body sculpt is slightly different.  The paint is good as well and the sculpt is actually very detailed despite the size.  The five points of articulation is standard for his era.  He falls over when he wears his mask, but can be made to stand with the help of his staff.  This is a better figure than Kos, and somehow feels more like a figure than an afterthought.

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