Sunday, 23 October 2011

#661 of Year 2 Simpsons The Raven

The Raven was a Simpsons Halloween Special (I think) and I only saw bits of it because I was doing other things.  Supposedly it's a cult classic, and by cult I mean Simpsons.

McFarlane made toys based on the characters in the special and it's packaged rather nicely with a clear bubble.  The back has quite a bit of info and shows some of the other zany character packs in the series.

I do like the card on the side especially the "Fan Favorite" starburst.  I guess the fans were really demanding these instead of some sextuplet set.  (OK, they are actually octuplets, but then I would have been able to mention the word sex.)

Everything seems rather busy inside when the outer bubble is removed, but basically, there's a two part display base/stand, Homer, Bart Raven, Lisa and Maggie, the last two of which are actually connected together with a string.

Homer is unarticulated, but is sculpted in his bathrobe.  He looks more dignified than usual, not that it takes much to make him more dignified.  The sculpt is good and the paintwork is excellent.  I like the random crosses on his robe.  Bart is actually a two piece raven and is in a weird grey-blue colour that matches Homer somewhat.  He's sculpted to perpetually look down, which does seem a bit weird on first glance.  The paintwork is good.  However, my Bart broke into two along the neck as the glue that was holding him together just fell apart.  I had to reglue him back together again.

The Lisa and Maggie cherubs is probably my favourite part of this.  Sure they have absolutely no articulation, but the sculpt and the paintwork is spot on.  Lisa exudes warmth from her smile while Maggie appears innocent and angellic.  The stand has a portrait of Marge on it, and as can be seen from the photo, is actually in three shades of blue.  It's a two piece stand and I suspect that the vertical part of it discoloured due to age.  It does have holes for Maggie and Lisa and pegs for Homer and Bart.  I especially like how Marge's beehive warrants a second photo frame.  However Bart doesn't fit into his peg due to poor design - the peg is just too close to the wall and leaves no room to plug Bart in.

Overall, it's a good display piece.  It's not really a good toy though as there are no articulation and such.  Another display piece for this holiday season.  Scratch!

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