Sunday, 30 October 2011

#668 of Year 2 Muppets The Great Gonzo

It's Halloween tomorrow and I thought I'd celebrate today with a bit of weirdness.  Or rather a Muppets Weirdo by the name of Gonzo!

The 2000s clamshell has clear plastic all around and it does show off the contents rather well, except where it's obstructed by the title card.  Actually card is a misnomer.  Because the structural strength of the packaging is now provided by the bubble, the contents are just pieces of flimsy paper.  Still, it shows off the other figures in the wave and line rather well on the back of the packaging.

Gonzo comes with a chicken, a stand, a two piece valentine chocolate box and a trumpet.

The stand has the Palisades logo subtly incorporated into it.  The horn is vac metal gold and I hope it doesn't peel off.  The box of chocolate has quite a lot of details, and the paintwork in the lid is exceptionally well done.

Gonzo's sculpt looks good as well and there's lots of details all over his suit.  His face looks animated and lifelike, as if he was a real muppet instead of the toy.  The paintwork is well done and the darm plum maroon of the suit camoflagues most of his joints, of which there are 11 - neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees.

The chicken seems to be a brick on first glance but actually consists of three pieces, the head, body and feet.  The head is articulated and can be twisted.  The sculp has all the individual lines of the feathers etched realistically, while the paint on the eyes and comb brings it to life.

I like the overall contents here... and I do wonder why did the Muppets die out.  Hopefully, we'll get another line of Muppets in future.

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