Thursday, 27 October 2011

#665 of Year 2 Bone Age Bull

Another day, and no, it's not another member from a new clan.  There's only three clans in Bone Age, at least in this wave.  We're midway through Bone Age week though!

Bull has the standard (yawn!) card with the standard layout.  Here's a close-up of Vorc on the front of the card.

Bull comes with a whole lot of weapons - a coccyx-tipped spear, a shield, a ribcage club, the same bone hook thing as Vorc, but no helmet.  The sculpt is well done and the paint is well done and he has the same five points of articulation (yadda yadda).  He does stand upright with the help of the spear, although he can't hold all his accessories.  Another mediocre figure after Vorc.  Perhaps he needed a helmet to make him stand out.

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