Tuesday, 11 October 2011

#648 and #649 of Year 2 Carnivor (Beastman and Webstor)

It's not everyday that I have to purchase two figures for a Fuerza-T custom.  Destructor was basically a repainted Clawful, Felinor was a Beastman with a spare Merman head (and I had one because I have two Mermans on display with the alternate heads), Pantano was a Beastman with the Merman armour from the second Weapons Pack.  But Carnivor?  Well, he had Beastman's body, Webstor's head and Stratos' jet pack.  Now I already have the jet pack from the Weapons pack, so it was just a case of getting the rest of the figures.

Assembling him was easy.  Pop the nead onto the body, remove the Beastman armour, place the jetpack on him.  Voila.  Painting him was a bit hard.  Thanks to Beastman's orange, the dark green I originally painted over the body turned out almost black.  I had to give it a light green undercoat before repainting it with the dark green to get the final shade of green.  The loincloth was also messy - painting the blue brown ended up with a black colour, so I had to give it a white undercoat before painting it brown.  The belt actually has dark grey highlights on the black, but it's not very visible in the picture.

So there's the fourth member of the Fuerza-T bad guys.  I like how each of them have a metallic shade to them.  Fisto will be released early next year, so he will make a great base for the sixth Fuerza-T character Titano.  I can't wait until then.

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