Saturday, 18 December 2010

10 toylines I wish they had brought back in 2010

This is list number 5 for those who are counting.  This year, saw the relaunch of a number of lines including Transformers Classics (or whatever it has been renamed) and Star Wars vintage.  Movie-wise, we saw the relaunch of Tron toys.  News-wise, we also received heads-up on Voltron and Thundercats.  It would have been nice if they had launched those this year, but since they haven't, perhaps they will do so next year... Anyways, here's a list of toylines I wish they'd have made this year.

In reverse order of what I'd most want (I'm leaving Voltron and Thundercats off the list as they are in the works - Thundercats would have been in my top 5 were it in the list):

10. Masters of the Universe Movie
Well, actually, I want a movie, because Mattel has promised us bigger items like Castle Grayskull in a movie year.  It doesn't have to be the same movie from the 80s, a new movie would have been fine, as long as we got Castle Grayskull.  Sadly, the movie didn't materialise this year, and it probably won't materialise next year.

9. G-Force/Gatchaman
A movie titled Battle of the Planets was in the works, but it never materialised.  These figures would have been awesome when updated for the present, particularly if they are given "modern" amounts of articulation.

8. Computer Warriors
Pixel Dan featured these in an episode of That New Toy Smell, and together with Devall (RIP), suggested that a modern relaunch could have transforming USB drives and portable hard disks and computer mouse, yet despite their ability to transform, retain their ability to actually function as the item designed in the non-transformed mode.  That would have been so cool.

7. Sesame Street
Palisades was going to launch this before they went under.  Come on, who wouldn't want Oscar the Grouch complete with Slimey, or a Bert to make Robot Chicken style clips with?  Now that the entire license is no long with anyone, perhaps CTW will actually find a successful toymaker to create this amazing line of toys?

6. Visionaries
Knights of the magical light!  Holograms probably are still not mainstream these days, particularly with toys, but Visionaries, as a line transcend the gimmick.  G.I.Joe has had a great year with toys at about the same size, and I think it might be a good time to bring back this line.  The character designs are interesting and the storyline is epic.

5. Mad Scientist When Devall needed pictures of this toyline, he stole them from my site.  I have the only (as far as I know) Mad Scientist site online at and I'd like to see this toyline return.  Yes, these aren't action figures per se, but the toys were awesome - anything where you can dissolve the flesh off an alien is good in my book!

4. Pirates of Dark Water
Noy Jitat!  When will we ever see the relaunch of toys from this line?  Let's face it, Pirates have a huge following, witness those Carribean dudes.  A movie of this would be epic, and the toys, updated for the present would probably look awesome!

Mobile Armor Strike Kommand.  Ma-ma-ma-mask!  Transforming vehicles with G.I.Joe figures... what is there not to love about that concept.  Both Transformers and G.I.Joes have a huge following and a renaissance of the line, if done properly could succeed well commercially.  Hasbro made a Matt Trakker G.I.Joe a few years back and that got some publicity, but MASK isn't MASK without the transforming vehicles.  Sadly, it's one of those properties that Hasbro has decided to keep buried after their purchase of Kenner.

2. Back to the Future
The DeLorean is nice, but I want more than just that.  I want action figures to fit inside the DeLorean.  I want playsets, including the town centre, the Under the sea dance, the Wild West setting.  Heck, they could even make the town centre in parts, with clock tower being packaged with one figure and the malt shop (or was it a diner?) with another, etc.  Heck, they could even tie in with Calvin Klein and pack a Marty figure with a pair of purple CK underwear.  Mattel, are you listening?

1. Centurions
Power X-treme!  Figures with interchangable parts that could form huge vehicles to conquer air, land and sea?  Who would like these?  I know I would.  Please?  Pretty Please?  The line died before we could get Rex Charger and get this, he was supposed to have been completely gitd.   *sigh*  Who do I have to write to and offer sexual favours to get this line made?

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