Monday, 22 November 2010

#326 of 365 Shadow Strikers Stinger

It's day 2 of 3 of the Shadow Strikers trio, and this is part of Nostalgia November.  I'm opening the Stinger today, which is an Evaders Jet.  Like all Shadow Strikers (that I know of), it comes in a box.

The box has the standard Shadow Strikers design - blue, with the logo and the black strip front and back.  The main action feature with the transparent figure is shown on the front and back as well as pictures of the toy, with annotations on the back describing the action features.  The text on the back of the box seems to take up less space, but that's only because the box is larger.

And that's the collection of Shadow Strikers boxes that I have.  Yes, count thow three Hurricanes of which two are opened.  The picture also shows the relative size of the boxes, showing how the Stinger box is larger than the hurricane, but smaller than the Dustdevil.

As usual, the action features are shown in picture form on the top and bottom of the box.  What's interesting is that they've even included a picture of the Phase I Converter, which is not included within this box as one of the pictures.

The contents are very well packaged, as is the norm of the time.  There aren't that many twisty-ties, but the cardboard does hold the toy rather well within the box.  Stinger comes with the Action Toy Guide - the one that doesn't have any Shadow Strikers in it! - an instruction sheet dressed up as a Technical Manual and a decal sheet.

There are only five pieces out of the box, and the assembly is easy.  However, once the tail is assembled though, it can't be removed easily without the tabs, and because of the tail, the toy has no chance of going back into the box ever again!

The outer shell of the jet is made from transparent plastic, which leaves the gold and black internals highly visible.  There's a lot of detail on the internals, particularly where the tail of the jet is - there the engine assembly complete with all sorts of detail is visible.  The cockpit can be raised and lowered, the guns on the wings swivel and the missile below the fuselage can be fired when the wings are pull back towards the rear of the jet.

The Stinger is slightly larger than the Hurricane.  It has a lot more details than the hurricane, and ups the Hurricane by having a spring-loaded missile.  The wheels can't be folded back underneath the jet though, which is one thing against it, but other than that, this is a very solid vehicle toy.

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