Thursday, 4 November 2010

#308 of 365 Police Academy Carey Mahoney

Finally, I get to Police Academy.  The first movie was funny and probably did well, but the toys are actually based on the spin-off cartoon series.  Who best to kick-off the series than the head honcho himself, Carey Mahoney, with Samson, his dog, and part of the K-9 squad.

Mahoney comes on the standard Police Academy card.  The card has the logo and the name of the character on the top left corner on the front of the card, and an illustration of three characters on the top right of the front of the card, presumably in an effort to reuse art.  The bubble is clear all the way around, and shows off the contents perfectly.

The back of the card has the usual layout - action feature near the top, cross sell in the middle, and a clip and save sheet of some sort for a free figure.

Mahoney is sculpted to resemble his character in the cartoon, but something seems a bit off here as he also resembles Archie from Archie comics.  Perhaps it's deliberate.  The paint on his face and shirt is done with no noticable slop.   The figure has five points of articulation, although the articulation on his right shoulder is hampered by the action feature.  His right hand also has a hole through it so that the weapon can fit.  However, Jesus he is not.

He comes with three accessories, Samson the dog, a gun and a truncheon.  Both the latter are moulded from black plastic and has a peg to fit through his Jesus' right hand.  Samson is just a one piece water squirting dog.  He's got some paint on his figure, and there's a little bit of slop there.

Despite the many flaws, I like the figure and his cheerful mien.  The Jesus hand is unfortunate, but it can be posed such that it's not obvious.


  1. I think this is one of the toys thats looks much better unopened and in the card, the card is so well designed

  2. Looks is one thing, then there's playability. You can't play with a figure that's on card though. Well, not properly...

  3. True, I open my toys and play with them the way they were intended to :)

  4. That's what I'm trying to do. I shouldn't have been stupid to limit myself to one a day... :( Too late now...


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