Tuesday, 9 November 2010

#313 of 365 Pirates of Dark Water Bloth

It's Tuesday, and we're in the second day of Pirates of Dark Water week here as part of Nostalgia November on Toy A Day.  I was going to do a guest post of this on Hobotastic, but I know Lemonjuice isn't too fond of huge overweight people with boobs, so...

First off, whoa!  A colour variation on the logo to make it clear that he's not a good guy.  Then there's the awesome artwork on the front, with the Maelstorm instead of the Raven.  The back has the recoloured logo as well, but otherwise uses the same layout and design as Ren, not that that is a bad thing!

The Maelstorm is excellently rendered on the front, and the waves almost seem lifelike.  The illustration is drawn rather well, but the colours are a bit too generic.  Still, it does look good and clearly differentiate it from the other figures in the line.

The figure itself is simple in the sense that it only has five points of articulation - shoulders, hips and head.  What it lacks in articulation, it makes up in details - the shoulder spikes, the boobs, even the toenails on the feet.  The paintwork brings out a lot of the details, including the design of the bracelets or the rough texture of the bodice (well, it does look like a dress).  And to top it off, the figure even comes with a felt coat!

The figure hulks over Ren, which is appropriate.  One gets the impression that Hasbro spared no expense on the production of the figure, and he's not even a good guy!  Let's just hope the rest of the figures in the line live up to him!  Now I wish I had a Raven playset to display these guys!


  1. These guys were made by Hasbro?! Shame they aren't up to producing toys to this standard anymore. They're doing good with the G.I.Joes but dropping the ball with the Marvel licence

  2. Yes, the old blue and white Hasbro logo is there on the card!

  3. This was a pleasant surprise. I loved that cartoon series. I still have this guy too. Great figure.

  4. Eh? Pleasant surprise? In what way??

  5. Pleasant in regards to the property. It was great cartoon and the toy very nice for the time. I don't believe Pirates of Dark Water was ever that well known, and has for the most part since been forgotten. I often forget about it for a while, and then I find a reminder about it here or there.

    I have the Marvel Comics mini series and it has some nice artwork in it.

    Seeing you review these figures is a blast.

    So to answer your question, basically pleasant in every way.

  6. Oh, I thought you were surprised to see that Hasbro made these! Now I know better.


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