Wednesday, 24 November 2010

#328 of 356 Crystar Ogeode

Yes, I know it's mid week, but I'm starting Crystar week today.  It'll be a truncated week, but hey, it's Nostalgia November here and Crystar is big with some corners of the internet.  Just not here though, I'm not really a big fan and I only got these a few years ago because they were cheap.  I have close to no idea regarding anything about the entire line.

Ogeode comes on what is the standard small Crystar card.  The front has the logo near the top, with an illustration of Crystar in front of a castle below it on the right and a circle on the left that says FREE prisma crystal.  There also appears to be an illustration the antagonist Moltar, behind the circle.  A starburst on the front of the card completes the card - the figure is positioned in the centre of the starburst and is thus showcased.

The back of the card is mostly taken up by a 6-panel comic.  The bottom of the card has illustrated headshots of the characters in the line.  The packaging is way way different from the standard packaging these days.  That's because Crystar is an early 80s toyline, and thus, doesn't really follow the successes of toylines such as Masters of the Universe or G.I.Joes.

Ogeode comes with a transparent green staff and presumably the prisma crystal on a transparent green wand.  The colour of the staff, or maybe it's an axe is very close to sea ice, so I'm going to guess maybe that's what it's supposed to be.  The prisma crystal is tiny, and is basically a piece of plastic.  It doesn't defract light like a true cystal, and the cut of the crystal doesn't magnify text too well, so I have no idea what's it's supposed to be for.

The 3-inch figure has seven points of articulation - swivel neck, shoulders, hips and knees.  This is two more than the standard of the time - only G.I.Joes had more articulation in that era.  Draped over the figure is a plastic purple raincoat of sorts, except that it's printed with an interesting yellow design and draped over the figure such that it looks like a robe.  It gives an otherwise bland figure an interesting look.  The figure is moulded mostly from flesh coloured plastic, and has paint on the beard (white) and boots (brown) and pants, but is otherwise unpainted.

This is a great figure for its time, but sadly, it may be before the time of most collectors today.  I have no idea how true to the original source material (which is apparently a comic book series by Marvel) the figure is.  Sadly, but today's standards, this is almost comparable to a cheap knock-off, which is why it's not taking up shelf-space here.


  1. I think he looks pretty darn cool for a wizard! :)

  2. He'd make a great Merklynn too!

  3. That's pretty good paint, sculpt, articulation and accessories...Nostalgia November is a hit

  4. Sadly it seems that only you and Darkspectre is commenting... I have no idea how much of a hit that is.


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