Monday, 15 November 2010

#319 of 365 Smurfs Handy

It's a Monday, but we're still on the middle of my Smurf run.  Today, I'm giving a hand to Handy smurf to smurf him out of his smurfilicious packaging into his smurfy freedom.  Ack.

The packaging is very much the same as Papa Smurfs from yesterday, right down to the sticker on the bubble that says "I'm Handy" and the "Try Me" blue sticker.  There's a cutout on the bubble so that Handy's arm can be moved whilst in the packaging.  It's a weird way of proving that the figure isn't just a lump of plastic.

The figure comes with the standard 5 points of articulation and like Papa Smurf, his arm articulation are hampered by the spring loaded action feature.  The sculpt gives Handy his pencil over the ear and a hammer and nail in each hand, but it also gives Handy a weird yellow (my version is faded) overalls.  I'm not sure if Handy has those overalls in the cartoon.  The paintwork on the face is good, but there is a bit of "bleed" on the coveralls.

Handy comes with two... I guess those are chicken coops.  They can't stack or do anything, but they do have a sticker with a picture of a chicken head on one of the sides.  Handy fits right in with Papa Smurf, but he does come with some rather odd accessories - let's face it, a bench and a chair would have been better accessories - and the odd looking coveralls.

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