Sunday, 21 November 2010

#325.1 of 365 Shadow Strikers Hurricane

I have three of these babies, two of which are opened.  Since I'm opening up the other three Shadow Strikers this week, I thought I'd do a quick review of the Hurricane.  Again, this is already opened, so I'm not going to count it towards my toy a day limit, hence the funny number in the title.

There is a box, because I do keep the boxes.  The front shows the vehicle and the turns transparent schtick, and the back shows the same schtick, the action features with annotations in addition to way way too much text.

Pictures on the top and bottom of the box shows the action features in detail.  Kenner was also smart to include an Action Toy Guide in the box.  That covers 6 of Kenner's toy lines of the time, but not the Shadow Strikers.

The vehicle consists of a transparent plastic shell over the "internals" which is moulded from grey plastic.  The internals are clearly visible, but the downside is that it's not as detailed as one would expect it to be.  The three wheels can be folded underneath the body in flight, which is a nice little detail.  The main action feature of the vehicle is that when the tail flaps are pinched together, two red bombs are dropped from the fusilage.

Overall, this is in a rather good scale with the Phase I Coverter and is slightly bigger than the playset.  However the simplistic internals make it look less attractive than it could have been.

And what about the figure?  Well, those figures are barely 2-inches tall with the usual 5 points of swivel articulation.  They are more accessories than actual toys at that scale.  I wonder if Hasbro will actually incorporate this line into the GIJoe franchise in future - they might find that they have a hit on their hands if they do!

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