Monday, 25 April 2011

May Preview

So, my BBTS shipment arrived the other day.  I placed the order earlier in the month and I forgot about it almost immediately.  Here's a photo of what I ordered.

Yup, Transformers Animated and Futurama.  I only went in to get the Arcee, but I ended up with all of these.  My wallet and my credit card does hate me for this - I'm literally burning a hole through them fast.  But I hope they are worth it.


So, since I have them out, I thought I might as well open them soon... like next month.  The winner of the poll for next month was Robocop.  (The one for June is still ongoing... so far Toy Story is in the lead)  So next month it'll be Robocop and Futurama and more TFA, but there's also Ben 10 and Ghostbusters and Sectaurs.  Yes, Sectaurs.  I can't believe I'm finally opening them!


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