Monday, 18 April 2011

#472 of Year 2 Sea Quest Tim O'Reilly

After the soft launch yesterday of Sea Quest week with Bridger, I finally get into Sea Quest week proper with... Joxer the mighty?  Nope, but close enough.  Joxer was comic relief, but Tim is anything but comic relief.  In fact, nerd seems to sum him up nicely here, and hey, that's a compliment.

The packaging is similar to Bridger's from yesterday, wtih the same art and TMNT layout on the front.  Notice my ebay sticker on the bubble, and how the bubble obstructs the coin-sized image of Joxer... er... Tim.

The back of the box has the usual stuff, and the accessories illustrated actually shows how nice they could be if they were painted properly, instead of being the usual black and orange that they ended up as.  Ah well.

O'neill comes iwth a base, a gun, a communicator, a black watchamacallit, a backpack with a minicomputer sticker (or whatever it is) and a blue squid.  The squid is actually made from very soft and rubber plastic, so it's fun to play with.  The backpack can be folded and strapped onto the figure, although it doesn't work as well.

The figure itself is similar to Bridger's but the sculpt is completely different.  he still has the same 9 points of articulation and is mostly black, but there is some paint (tampographed and otherwise) on the character.  The eyewear makes him look really odd, and the thickness of the frames is way unproportional to what it actually should be.  Still, he isn't too bad a figure, and despite the fact that he looks nothing like Joxer... er... Tim, this is still a rather nice figure.

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