Sunday, 3 April 2011

#457 - 460 of Year 2 Hot Wheels MotU cars x4

It's MotU week... and today I'm opening Hot Wheels?  What gives?  Well, Hot Wheels are toys too, so...

These die cast cars comes on the standard Hot Wheels card of about a decade ago.  There's nothing special about the card or the back (which has a lot more text than what action figure would have), and these cards are small.  Then again, the cars in the bubble is small.

That's a '41 Willy's Coupe and it's in black with an engine on its hood, and what's that painted on its side?  Yup, it's Ram Man, or more specifically, the millennium version of the character.  His name is there on the door too.

The Twin Mill II is a white sports car with two engines on its hood, and yes, He-Man on the sides.  OK, so this is the millennium version of the character with french fries for hair, but at least his lower body is not visible, so I don't have to scream about him being too anorexic.

The Double Vision is a weird catamaran type of vehicle, with two pontoons ont he sides and nothing in the middle.  The engine is on the left side of the vehicle, while the driver's seat is on the right.  Just below the engine is the MotU logo, which Man-At-Arm's face and a bit of his shoulders are displayed just below the driver's seat.

The Phantastique is a blue and black vehicle with Hordak's mug painted across it's hood.  It just looks really really weird and creepy, which I guess was the goal of the vehicle.  The metallic paint does give it a nice shine though, and when placed with the other 3 Hot Wheels of the series, it doesn't look too bad.

It's a pity that we won't get any MotUC Hot Wheels these days - Mattel seems to have a "segregation" of their toylines as if each property was someone's personal fiefdom or something.

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