Saturday, 23 April 2011

#477 of Year 2 Sea Quest The Regulator

Sea Quest is a nine figure toyline... at least that I know of.  I have eight of them and this week, we've seen all the good guys minus Lucas.  In a nine-figure line, Playmates added two villians into the mix.  Yes, not one but two villians, and I think one of them is a bit obscure, so here comes the villians.

The Regulator is a scarecrow lookalike figure.  I don't think I caught the episode that he's on, so I have no idea what he does other than cause trouble for the Sea Quest crew.  He comes on the standard card, but then again, this is Playmates after all.

He still has the ray shaped star-burst, an a picture on the back that looks a lot nicer than the actual figure.

He comes with a stand, a missile launching gun, a communicator, a yoyo thing and a pet monkey.  I think his accessories are rather nice.  The only thing that's orange is the standard communicator.  The stand and the gun are sculpted from a rather nice shade of blue plastic - granted, it's still colourful as is the norm for Playmates, but it's nice nevertheless.  I've no idea what the yoyo thing does.  The monkey is not articulated, but he is sculpted rather nicely and the paintwork on him is good.

The figure is nice and sculpted with a lot of details.  The trenchcoat looks flowly and wrinkled and lifelike, although the plastic colours isn't as realistic as it could be.  The face looks good, and the paintwork there brings out the details of the sculpt.  The figure has three points of articulation on each limb and neck articulation and that's quite bit for such a tiny figure.

I didn't thought I'd like this figure, but I do.  This has been a rather nice little line so far.  It's a pity that it didn't do as well as Playmates' other lines.

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