Friday, 15 April 2011

#469 of Year 2 TMNT Foot Tech Ninja

Nope, I have no more Aprils, or Turtles for that matter, but I do have this Foot Soldier.  So I guess I best open it before I put a foot in my mouth...

This Foot Soldier comes in a packaging similar to April's from yesterday.  I still like that the Turtles are featured on the top and that the logo is moved to the bottom.  I don't like the small text where the character is named, and even less so here, where they feature not a picture of the character but a part of a weapon?  Sheesh.  The back of the card has the soldier footing the bill... uh... being highlighted with a nice photo and bio.

The foot soldier comes with a whole bucket load of accessories, and is reminiscent to the first wave of turtle toys.  There are two throwing stars, two katana blades (I think they are katanas) and a long pole-axe.  Unlike the usual Playmates accessories, these are not moulded from brightly coloured plastic but is instead painted to resemble weapons in the real world.  The katanas fit into sword holders on the figures back, another plus.  There's no place to store the throwing stars that I could find though.

The figure is not super articulated, but it does have additional articulation points at the elbows and the ribbon thing on the head.  The sculpt is simple, but true to the cartoon form.  The paintwork is good and is "within the lines"  Besides the bonus of the sword holsters on his back arranged in an X pattern in typical ninja-style, his hands can also grip the throwing stars, which is a plus.

Overall, I like this Foot Soldier.  He looks good, comes with a ton of accessories and plays well.  Too bad he's cannon fodder.  Oh well.

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