Tuesday, 24 January 2012

#735 of Year 3 Minimates Ghostbuster Ray Stanz and Slimer

January is traditionally gitd month here on Toy a Day, and this year is no different.  Coming off Lego minifigures, I thought I'd show off their imitators, the Minimates.

I like this box and the windows on the front.  The back seems a bit boring though - it could use a nicer background picture.  However, it does its job.

The inside packaging is nice, but the way the leaflet is folded is a bit odd.  They could have rolled it up instead.

There are four pieces inside the box, Slimer, Ray, goggles and the proton stream.

I like the articulation on the figure - three points on each limb as opposed ot one on Lego's minifigures.  Even Slimer has articulated arms.  I don't like Ray's frightened facial experssion, but the figure does have some nice touches including the Ghostbuster logo tampographed on his right upperarm.

OK, this is the smallest Ray that I have - he stands up the the waist of the Kenner figure of the 90s and up to the knee of Mattel's figure of the noughties.  The slimer is rather huge by comparison - it's definitely bigger than the Lego ghost thanks to the stand.  A nice Minimates set overall, but I'm in no hurry to get the rest of the Ghostbusters.

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