Wednesday, 25 January 2012

#736 and #737 of Year 3 Batman Mission Masters 4 Midnight Hunter and Velocity Storm Batman

The Animated Batman Mission Masters 4 are among my favourite of the Batman figures... only because the entire line has gitd parts.

I picked up another couple of the Batman variants, some of which are probably repaints from previous figures, but since I'm not a Kenner Batman, or any Batman, fan, I don't really know much about these figures except that they gitd.

Midnight Hunter Batman has a large bear trap and a sword.  His packaging is the standard for Mission Masters 4, and I have to say I like the bats used as the background to the bubble.

There's card art, of course.  This is a nineties figure.  And the instructions are on the bottom of the title card.  a weird place to put it, but it does ensure the maximum use of 'real estate'.

There's just the trap, sword and figure inside the bubble.  Nothing much sadly.

The sculpt on the figure is greath though - there's a crossbow on his back and the doodads on his upperarms also have quite a bit of detail.  I also like the fact that the sword can be pegged into the hole in his back.  The paint seems to be flaking on mine, but that's probably because of age.

The spring-loaded trap is nice, but it doesn't really gitd and it's just a huge lump of plastic when displayed.  It is fun to play with it though and it's the part of the figure that targets the average 6-year old.  The figure is a bit smaller than some of my previous Mission Masters Batman, but the great sculpted details more than make up for the dimunitive size.

Velocity Storm Batman is another Batman variant.  True story - the Batman line was the inspiration for the millennium line of Masters of the Universe.  No kidding.

More great card art, more instructions on the bottom of the card... although the instructions seem to be taped over something else.  Perhaps Velocity Storm Batman was supposed to be another figure?

There's just the sled and teh figure inside the bubble.  Again, nothing much.  I like the clip on the sled to hold the figure in place.  That's a nice touch, but it may also be practical as this Batman, with the lack of articulation (both this one and Midnight Hunter version only have the standard 5 points of articulation) is probably unable to 'sit' unaided.

The missiles are removable from the sled and can be held by Batman.  Now that's nice.  The figure and the sled has a lot of details.  It's a pity that the sled is not painted to bring out the details.  The paint on the figure is generally good and the gitd paint wasn't flaking on this one.

This is the smallest Batman yet from the Mission Masters 4.  Yes, all three Batman are from the same series, yet there are three different sizes to the figures.  That was the nineties.  There'd be a huge outcry if this was still being done today.

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