Thursday, 26 January 2012

#738 of Year 3 Creed Mai-Ling

Batman is probably one of the more well-known superhero comic character.  Creed though, I've never even heard about, let alone who his supporting cast is.  Mai-Ling?  Hmm...

Despite the obscurity of the character, it does gitd, and the packaging artwork is fabulous.  The back of the card even has what seems to be two pages of the story, drawing and coloured in amazing detail.  That's one huge plus for the toy packaging.

The figure though was a disappintment.  It's just a lump of plastic.  A statue that gitd.  No articulation whatsoever.  Feh.  Even Nira from the same line (but different comic series) has more articulation than this character.  And Nira is larger too.  Oh well.  I guess one doesn't need to play with it if it's just gonna be used as a night light.

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