Sunday, 29 August 2010

#241 and #242 of 365 Bionic 6 Mechanic and Glove

It's still Animated August and I'm still on Bionic 6.  Basically, these characters were based on a late 80s cartoon series and the protagonists are normal humans with bionic powers.  The antagonists though, was led by what appears to be a Cyborg... and that's what I'll be opening today (antagonists, not the Cyborg).  Like Bunji and Eric from 2 days ago, I'm gonna do this 2 at a time.

I only had 4 unopened Bionic 6 figures.  Well, I still have 4 Bionic 6 figures.  The card back was common for the first wave - it basically had the story near the top to the left of the logo.  All 13 characters in the wave was displayed below that.  What's absent are pictures of action features... because these characters do not have any.

The bad guys come on a slightly different card than the good guys.  Sure, the logo is still there and the individualised illustration are still there.  The card background though is a slightly darker colour, which works well for the men of Dr. Scarab.  Everything is packaged nicely in the bubble and is clearly visible.  I'm grateful that there are no "action poses" for these characters.

Mechanic is a, like his name suggest, mechanic.  His figure is larger than the other figrues.  The paintwork is nicely done on the figure and he does resemble somewhat the illustration.  What I have issues with are the mounding on his chin.  It appears that he's got either an unpainted beard or skin blemishes on chin and that just makes the figure looks weird.  Mechanic comes with a removable toolbelt moulded from soft plastic-y rubber, and it completes the look of the figure.

Glove seems to be a zombified or mechanised droid and reminds me of Trap Jaw.  He looks exactly like his illustration.  The paintwork on the character is good, despite the fact that it's almost everywhere.  It really brings out the bullets on his chest, or the red belts on hsi right thigh.  Glove comes with a glove and a weird gun like contrtapction.  Both accessories snap onto his wrist and stays on very well.  Both accessories also has quite a bit of intricate detailing on the sculpt.

These guys are rather fun.  Like the good guys, these guys also stand out in a crowd.  I still like the die cast heft to these figures and the level of detailing that went into them.  Too bad they are going back into the box after today, but who knows?  Maybe one of these days I'll get the urge to complete my collection.


  1. These reviews are making me want to start a new Bionic 6 collection, since I believe I sold all of mine years ago. They were rather unique. Looking at pictures, I'm pretty sure I had all of the villians.

  2. Well, it's only 14 characters + 1 playset. They go for cheap on ebay when they are available. You should definitely pick them up if you have the moolah to pick them up.

  3. There are a couple vehiciles too, I believe.

    The playset is fantastic, and I would definitely not mind owning it again. I'd probably just go after the playset and use it with G.I. Joes. Maybe make it a Cobra lab or something.

  4. Oh, yeah, vehicles. Hmm... the figures may be used with GIJoes as well I'd think.

  5. This guys look interesting, maybe they could star in a Bastards of the Universe spin-off, but against GI Joes instead!

  6. I'm not sure how odd they'd be next to the Joes. I'll have to dig out my Joes to check...


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