Tuesday, 10 August 2010

#222 of 365 Avatar: The Last Airbender Prince Zuko

We're still on Animated August, where I'm opening cartoon-based toys, and today is the second half of my Avatar opening - Prince Zuko.

Zuko comes in the same packaging as Aang as described yesterday.  After opening 80s animated toys, I find it a pity that they did not use a picture of Zuko instead of Aang on the top of the packaging to make him stand out a bit more.  The figure is nicely displayed in the bubble, without any scary poses, and his accessories are arrayed in such a way to make them very visible.

The bio on the card back is a bit wordy like Aang's and the text is way too small, but that's also because of the tri-lingual thing going on for this card.  The front of the cardback thoguh, has a nice sun/air/waves behind the figure, which I find rather soothing.  It's a pity that the waves is hidden behind the title card.

Zuko has that same rubbery armour as Aang, which feels a bit sticky to the touch.  The plus side is that it does not hinder articulation.  Zuko has the same aount of articulation as Aang, and thanks to him not having a warped leg, can stand better than Aang.  Zuko also comes with a whole lot of weapons including three blades, a fireball and a helmet.

The sculpt on the figure is well done - the folds of his clothes, the little flames in the weapons all gives the figure a realistic feel to it.  Mattel even got the ponytail properly moulded onto the head.  The paintwork is also well done, particularly the "scar" on his face.  The helmet is designed such that it goes around Zuko's ponytail and it fits on his head snugly.

Zuko is slightly taller than Aang, which is accurate to the original material.  He's also lots of fun to play with with the myriad of accessories included with the figure.  I do wish I have the rest of the figures in the wave, but alas, that's a boat that has long since sailed.

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