Monday, 2 August 2010

Matty Release Day - SDCC

OK, so it's that time of the year again where Mattel makes their SDCC goodies available for the general public on, minus some of the goodies which were only available for SDCC goers of course.

This version of Orko can only be gotten at today.  Unlike the SDCC version, he's the regular version and not the colour-change version.  He comes with Prince Adam as an accessory and a book, but the book doesn't have the colour-change sticker as well.  He's good, and I know there are some people who prefer this version to the SDCC version, so he'll sell out fast.

Mo-Larr is the other SDCC MotUC that's available today, and well, he's the same version that was available at SDCC.  He's a two-pack and comes with a slightly repainted Skeletor as well as a number of accessories.  This is also the box that shows Grizzlor on the back of the box.  Mo-Larr isn't a vintage character, but is instead the ultimate "fan-made" character.  He will still sell out fast, thanks to Skeletor being in the same box.

Other things going on sale today include DCUC Plastic Man, minus his suitcase body, Mego-ised version of Ray from Ghostbuster, JLU versions of JLA, minus the spores, Lotso from Toy Story, Undertaker from WWE and an Avatar scene from the eponymous movie.   Check out the page with all the items for sale.  And if you're a Facebook friend, here's me wishing you smooth sailing today!

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