Saturday, 21 August 2010

#233 of 365 Transformers Animated Soundwave

I'm still on Transformers Animated week here on Toy a Day's Animated August.  Today, I'm opening Soundwave.

Yeppers, it's off again on another Blog Mash Bash, and I've literally taken the "bash" part to heart as I bash Lemonjuice McGee in my Soundwave review over at Hobotastic.  It's all good though.  LJ knows that I'm just jealous of him, that's all!


  1. Thanks for the review you dirty bastard! :)

  2. Those hobotastic reviews are just too funny. I'm not really that interested in Transformers, but this review was definitely worth the read.

  3. This just gets better and better. *grabs popcorn and awaits next crossover review*

  4. It's always fun writing for Hobotastic, where I'm obliged to insult Lemonjuice and I can get away using words like "whores" which I don't normally use.


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