Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Dread Axe of Darkness, now back on sale! and other things

OK, so I have no idea why Poe renamed this to Darkness when its former name was the Dread Axe of the Hordes, but I guess that's up to him at the end of the day.  Anyways, it's back for sale for it second and supposedly final run - get them while they last at Poe's Store.  But I just want to write about his sale today, although I'm sure he'd appreciate the free advertising.  Nope, I'm here to write about the actual Dread Axe of the Hordes that I got in the post the other day.

Basically this is like the Witching Axe that Spy Monkey Creations have for sale on their site, with the exception that it's black, and has red paint on the "face" and silver blades on the axe.

It stands out when placed next to the original Witching Axe, thanks to the paintwork.  Otherwise there is no different.  The paint on my copy of the axe actually looks better in person than shown in the picture above.  Go figure.

This axe was originally designed for Hordak and matches his black/silver/red colour scheme.  I've got to say I prefer Hordak holding the axe than his weird crossbow thing.  In fact, now that Hordak has his axe, he can be posed the same way as Skeletor holding an axe and a staff.  The axe is slightly oversized, but that's a good thing as it makes it stand out on Hordak.

But the axe doesn't just fit on Hordak.  It looks great on Marzo as well.  Now, I mentioned in my Marzo review that I think it's not really fitting that Marzo should have a sword - I mean, why would a sorcerer need the reach of a sword when he uses spells for ranged attack?  An axe would make more sense - after all, it's a melee weapon for close range fighting when spells might prove to be impractical.  The colour scheme of this axe also matches Marzo's colour scheme perfectly.

Black is also the colour of Wun-Dar, who has a black sword and a gun.  Well, this axe doesn't look anything like He-man's axe, but it does work on some level for him.  Now all he needs is a shield to complete his "Black-Faker" He-Man imitation.

Overall, I'm rather pleased with this accessory.  It's rather pricey at $10 an axe, but it's very very well made and it looks great on Hordak and Marzo.  I'm glad that I got two of these.

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