Monday, 9 August 2010

#221 of 365 Avatar: The Last Airbender Avatar Spirit Aang

It's a new week, and since I just watched Last Airbender over the weekend (not that good), I thought I'd just open up the 2 Avatar figures I have for Animated August.  Nope, there's no theme this week.  I'm just happily opening up animated figures.

Avatar Spirit Aang comes in the standard AtLA packaging, which is like a million other action figure packaging since... well, MotU.  Logo and picture near the top, title card below the bubble.  I didn't really take note of the pose in the packaging, but I should have.  This is, after all, Mattel, and this was produced at about the same time as the first few series of DCUCs.

The back has the other toys in the wave, and pictures of the action features of the toy, as well as a bio.   The text is way too small in the bio and the "cross sell" images had their legs cut off.  Not that great a design.

I had a choice of getting normal Aang or this versionof Aang and I decided on this version because it had more accessories.  Well, I had a limited budget then, and I still do now.  This Aang comes with 3 "air" effects as well as his staff.  The figure is just a repaint of the normal Aang, and has quite a bit of details sculpted on him.  The paintwork on the face is adequate.  The eyes are cast from a transparent blue plastic, which is a nice touch.  The clothes are made from a very rubbery plastic, and as such they do not restrict the articulation.  The articulation is good for a modern figure - the usual 3 points per limb and his neck.  What my figured suffered was a bent leg from the pose in the bubble.  It's Mattel after all.

The "air effects" are the best part of this set.  There's one that attaches to the staff and converts it to a nice air scythe.  There's also a similar effect that connects to the figure's arm.  Then there's the twirling tornado.  All the effects are moulded from an almost transparent plastic, and because of that and the level of moulded details, it looks great visually.

And nope, the tornado accessory is not the same as that found in DCUC's tornado.  They are similar, but they aren't exactly the same due to the differences in the hands and the size of the accessories.  Overall, I think this figure is better than the early DCUCs (which were comtemporaries of this line).  I'm not sure if I should be displaying him on the shelf or chucking him back into the box though.

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