Monday, 23 August 2010

Super-screened September!

I'm still sorting out stuff for September - mostly the leftovers from Animated August - and I think I would still have enough Animated related stuff to continue into October and November if I wanted to.  Anyways, I do want to open my Dick Tracy stuff in September, and the Justice League leftovers from June.  So I give you the preview of Super-screened September, or the month where I'd be opening animation-related toys that had made it to the big screen.

That looks like a good month's worth of toys!


  1. I loved those Dick Tracy figures as a kid. The weapons were all very cool and realistic (for the style of the figure.) Alas, at some point they were sold at a yard sale. Do you happen to have the brow?

  2. the cool thing about the Dick Tracy figures were that they were the same squat style as Playmate's TMNT figures. Ninjas fightin' gangsters baby!

  3. Nope, don't have the brow, if that is a character. I'm not really into Dick Tracy, I just have these figures and they are taking up a lot of space unopened.


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