Monday, 16 August 2010

Matty Release day - August

It's the middle of the month, and it's time to face the dreaded WSOD monster that is  However, today, after the SDCC sale, there isn't really that much up for grabs so, hopefully things will be smoother for most.

Whiplash is the subscription figure for today, and he comes with a second head based on hsi millennium appearance and his millennium weapon.  I'm sure some of the subscribers will get a second copy of him to display with the second head and the millennium weapon.  Most fans will just give him a pass since Whiplash isn't one of the main characters, or even a main villian.  He was somewhat second string after all.

Trap Jaw is the reissue figure for today.  Now, he sold out really fast the last time around, so there might be some trouble getting him.  Of course, he has the Kronis head and arm, so he can be displayed as Kronis or TJ, which is why there's demand for him.  He's basically two figures in one package.

And for those who wish to purchase multiple items, head over to the all in one page at where you can also pick up two Ghostbuster figures on sale today.

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