Friday, 6 August 2010

#218 of 365 Biker Mice from Mars Weevil

 I'm still playing "catch up".  Now I usually open the toys within the toyline all together, provided that there aren't too many toys I have unopened in that line.  However, I opened Charlie way back for Femme February and did not open Karbunkle or today's figure Weevil then.  Well, that's all about to change!

I talked about the generic Biker Mice packaging yesterday and gave it high praise.  The packing on Weevil that I have is really faded though, but it still follows the same layout as Karbunkle yesterday.  The figure is posed rather weirdly in the bubble, but I guess that's just to advertise his "Eye really glows!" feature.

Again, the artwork of the character on the front of the card is incredible, and gives the packaging some uniqueness that's no longer found in action feature packaging these days.

The figure itself is sculpted with a whole lot of details, especially on the torso/jacket.  The paintwork is supreme and the metallic silver really offsets against the black and shows off the details nicely.  The head sculpt is a bit weird, but then it's done such that it resembles the figure in the cartoon, so that's not really an issue.  I was really taken by the "Eye really glows!" feature on the packaging - what they mean is that when a light is shown on the clear spot on the top of his head, his eyes shines.  It doesn't glow, and definitely doesn't gitd.

His action feature is that he goes limp (ha! ha! ha!) when a knob (ha! ha! ha!) on his back (ha! ha! ha!) is pressed.  Someone really should have thought of the implications there.  Anyways, the button loosens the rubbers (ha! ha! ha!) connecting the limbs and the head to the torso, and when it's pressed, the extremities (ha! ha! ha!) of the figure literally goes limp (ha! ha! ha!).  Despite the action feature though, when the button is not pressed, the limbs are rather strong and he can stand up (ha! ha! ha!) very well on his own.

Weevil doesn't come with another action figure like Karbunkle, but instead comes with a guitar.  The guitar has an action feature - the eyeball in the middle of the guitar can be rotated by pushing it on the back.  In fact, the eyeball swivels 360 degrees such that the guitar can be made to appear eyeful, or eyeless, as the back of the eyeball is black.

I don't really like the character that much, but the figure is great.  There's a ton of action features, and the sculpt and paint on it is really well done.  Weevil looks slightly out of place next to Charlie and Karbunkle though, but then again, there are huge anthromorphic mice in the line, so he should be fine.

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